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When managing a remote office, be extra judicious to ensure all perspectives feel heard in an effort to balance the “company way” and the “local office way.” What works in one may not work in the other…

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Auditing Your Sales Process

When you are managing your sales, you want to identify and correct behavious, not just take the deal away and close it yourself…

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Quick Tips

Manage Your Inbox

Clean out and file all emails in your Inbox.  Inbox is only for action items.  Create a 'to file' folder.

By : Alyssa Forslund, Marks Paneth

Looking for a Tagline?

“Health and Safety” for computers is a tagline for a computer maintenance company.

By : Don Tanner, Alert Anodising

Broaden Your Search

It is very important to start with a very wide funnel when looking for new employees.  It is equally critical to do multiple and thorough interviews to avoid having to repeat the process.  Don't hire the tallest midget.  If you have no one that is truly qualified or no one that fits your culture, you must continue to explore and look for the right fit.  In the long-term, you will be doing yourself a favour.

By : Tim Jones, Engineered Equipment Inc.

Stay Out of the Way of Your Team

Too often we as business owners hire someone to do a job and then micro-manage them. Make sure you have a clear job description, communicate your expectations and determine how you will measure their performance. Schedule 1 on 1 meetings at least monthly to review their performance - looking to catch them doing something right. This is an opportunity to see if additional training, tools or communication is required.

By : TAB Winnipeg Board 401