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It’s that time of the year when we begin thinking about what we want to achieve next year. It’s a great time of year, filled with hope, excitement and ambition. The problem is most people will fail and achieve nothing next year. Sure, they will set some goals, they will develop some ‘I would like to…’ objectives and then by the second week of January will have forgotten what it was they really wanted to achieve…

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Ask Why Your Company Didn’t Get the Job

Creating quotes can be a very time-consuming process. How long does it take you to prepare a quote? Tracking all your project/job quotes is a good practice for a couple of reasons…

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Quick Tips

Don’t Mess with the Streak!

In Bull Durham, Kevin Costner's character explains that a player on a streak has to “respect the streak.” If you are winning, keep doing what you are doing. The same is true for business. When you are on a roll, don’t change things up. Don’t be one of those people who stops doing something because it worked!

By : Chris Blair, Maestro Associates

Hiring for Attitude is Key

As owners, we set the tone for the culture and new team members need to match the culture.

By : Mark Weida, Street Smart Auto Brokers

On Issues…

Closing of an issue can be more important than raising a new one.

By : Jason Brand, Wanna Internet

The Right People Are Essential

All your future business plans and success are dependent on having the right people. Without the right people, you can’t execute even the simplest of plans.

By : TAB Winnipeg Board 401

Serve Yourselves as Well As You Serve Your Customers

Instead of only focusing on satisfying your external customers, strive to serve your internal customers as well. If you have a Customer Bill of Rights, live it out. Market it as a differentiator! Recognise that your team has rights as well. Establish an internal Bill of Rights and live up to those commitments.

By : TAB Denver West Board 401