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The Alternative Board

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About Craig Henwood

Craig, a born and bred Kiwi with a love for anything outdoors or sporty, has 30 years wide-ranging business experience which he now shares with other business owners through his new venture, The Alternative Board.

Craig started his career in the flexible packaging industry and then moved on to develop a highly successful employment agency in Christchurch. His roles have included all facets of business management including operations, directorships and ownership as a Joint Venture Partner. He has always succeeded through effective team management and loves to see people and teams grow and prosper.

Craig has successfully guided two businesses from the planning stage, through startup and on to become multi-million dollar companies. During the last 7 years Craig’s greatest challenges came from the Christchurch earthquake, where he assisted both his own business and many of his customers to adapt to the new environment and achieve rapid growth and business success. As a business owner himself, Craig is well aware of the challenges all business owners face on a daily basis, and how unforeseen events can rapidly change a business for the better or worse.

Teamwork, planning and achievement of both personal and business goals are at the forefront in everything he does. Having recently sold his own business and travelled the world for a year, Craig is living proof that anyone can achieve their dreams.

Craig and his wife Andi love the outdoors so, when not working, you will find them walking, tramping and camping their way around New Zealand or travelling to Melbourne to spend time with their two daughters and grandson.

Craig is enjoying the new challenge of taking business owners on a journey to live their dreams, get the most out of life, prosper and have fun.

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