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About Gordon Stuart

After 28 years of wide-ranging international business experience, Gordon now applies that hard- earned experience to help business owners in Auckland’s Central Business District.

Gordon has been involved in many of NZ’s largest takeovers and is well versed in due diligence, valuation, project finance/management and, importantly the need for good corporate governance.

Extensive workout experience has embedded the importance of setting milestones and using bench-marking to meet goals, differentiate the best, drive improved understanding and continuous improvement.

During his banking career Gordon has worked with both domestic and large multi-national businesses in NZ, Australia, USA, Canada, Chile, UK, Europe and Asia. This has provided him both stakeholder management experience and understanding of value chains from “pasture to export plate” across a diverse range of industries:-methanol, gold mining, electricity generation and distribution, food and beverage, retail, financial services, rural services, viticulture, dairy farming and sheep milking.

Banking these businesses also gave Gordon a valuable insight into the inner workings and critical success factors of multiple types of businesses both small and large.

From 2000 -2004 Gordon was a director of a family shoe business, oversaw the building of a 6 level office building, and acted as Chairman of a body-corporate owned car-park building.

When he is not working, Gordon can be found coaching and administering rugby at North Shore Rugby Football Club.

Gordon has a BSc/B.Com from Auckland University and is a member of both the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants and Directors.

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